Mini Chiffon Singapore Heritage Set

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Mini Chiffon Cake Set


We are so excited we can’t keep it under wraps any longer.
We will be launching our beautiful yummy range of Mini Chiffon Dessert Cakes really soon so here’s a quick teaser just to whet your appetite!

Our Classic Box will contain these 4 flavours:

Dark Chocolate Crunch

Yuzu Red Velvet

Matcha Cream Azuki

Goma Blackberry

Expect soft fluffy chiffon cakes with an enticing layer of heavenly mochi, topped off with tantalisingly flavoured creams, tasty toppings like fruit, crunchy feuilletine, delicate petal blooms or everyone’s fave azuki red bean! These are real flavour bombs and you probably won’t be able to stop at one, be warned!

Shelf Life: 3 days from date of purchase

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